School Management system is specially designed to manage the day to day Administrative work of the school

School ERP system online provides comprehensive reports according to employee’s data, attendance, salary, leaves, increments, bonuses , tax calculation and many more.

Increased Productivity- The School Management software Boosts the productivity of the institute and reduces the time to maintain track records and increases the accuracy of the data.

Save Paper & Reduces Administrative workloads - Primary goal of ERP software is to digitize the data of every individual working with the organization ERP software can handles on boarding tasks such as student admission, Staff management, Payrolls, library Management and so on.

Complete Automation- ERP software automate all processes like student, teacher on boarding, attendance, exam & result management, Fees Handling. ERP also provide well informed statics.

Access from Anywhere- The software can be accessed from anywhere at any time. A record of everything can be kept due to its easily accessibility.

Saves natural Resources- When the ERP software is used for performing routine administration tasks it reduces stationary cost from right from paper files to record is saved.

Student Admission – Maintaining all details of the student.

Class Management – Attendance of student (feed by every class Teacher).

Certificates –Bonafide and TC Certificates will be generated in one click. Every Student link with General Register scan copy to verify information before issuing.

Store Management –Entry of Books, reports of order purchased, remaining order in stores, Issued and sales item.

Payroll – Salary Register, pay slip, Staff leave and Attendance Management.

General Register Management – General Register entry for old record. Complete report Print and Export to excel.


Search Of Records

Exam & Result Management – Exam structure creation

Principal Desk – Showing all transaction of school day wise

ID Card Module

Inward & Outward Lettering

Accounts – Bank Reconciliation Income & Expenditure.

  • Android
  • Apple

Not required any os as it is web based application.

  • SBI
  • Razorpay
  • NPCI
  • Bharat Billpay

ePrashasan do Service Level Agreement (SLA) with institute so there is no need to worry about security, but still if any such activity found then the Institute is liable to file a complaint against companya.

  • Helps generate reports without any errors
  • Helps Institute Save time, Streamline Process
  • Smoothens Operations along with generating Government Compliance Reports
  • Monitoring Entries of Information
  • Role based login are given to user
  • Automate Fees Payment
  • Centralized data Management
  • Old Data Digitization
  • Data Security
  • Cost Effictive

  • The answer is plain & simple – School ERP software.
  • Here is how an education management software , which basically automates all the operations going on in an organization.

    • Reduces Human Efforts
    • Secured Environment
    • Improved accuracy
    • Digitization
    • Reduction cost of Communication
    • Increase Productivity
    • Saves Natural resources.

  • The Increase no of Students seeking admission in the academic institute are causing tremendous pressure on administrative body to manage and arrange admissions.
  • Primary goal of Online Admission System to computerised the admission management system , its Operations and functionality to rectify the weekness.
  • Provide supports to the administration and admission seeking candidates by providing a faster , Transparent and easy way of maintaining records.

  • A college management software is a one stop solution that digitizes & streamlines the entire operations of college & universities starting from Admission management to online class management to human resource to finance management and many more.

  • A student information system is Management information system for educational institutes i.e used to manage student data.
  • Right from student Admission to online class & exam management to pay fees till the certificates issued. Every Student entry till he/she leaves institute, can be managed through the student information system.

Student information systems provide capabilities for registering students in courses; documenting grading, transcripts of academic achievement and co-curricular activities, and the results of student assessment scores; forming student schedules;tracking student attendance; and managing other student-related data needs.

All the student level transaction & activity can be managed in student information system

Library Management system helps in maintaining data of books issued to learners and books available in the library. This helps librarians to spot any particular book at any given time in the library.

  • ePrashasan Mobile App helps enhance collaboration between parents, students and teacher.
  • App also provides Interactive Calendar, Event Notification and Couse grade Notification.
  • App also helps you pay the remaining fees of student, as we have integrated the Online Payment gateway to Razorpay , NPCI & SBI.
  • Inward & Outward Lettering.

  • Yes, as per the availability of the amount you can pay the fees to institutes.
  • Next balance fees will be reflected to overall account.

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